August 2013

Family is sometimes those you meet along the way!

  • Life Skills
  • Employment Assistance 
  • Transitional Living Services
  • Independent Living Services

The Lives We Impact

Our Girls

With the help of our community we have raised over 400 girls.  Some of the services we offer include

March 2015

Our girls made over 40 arrangements for the largest IT convention in Atlanta.  WIT!

Our Mission is simple.  Giving Girls Roots.  Giving Girls Wings.  We start by providing shelter to get to work while making some positive choices.  

Over 400 girls have come through the doors at the North Georgia Angel House Inc. since 2006.  Our average age is 14 and our average length of stay is 12 months.  Our programs include base level care with on site 24 hour supervision, TLP with on site supervision and ILP services that allow our girls to live independent in the community with daily check ins.  

Our girls come from all over Georgia and stay for both short and long periods of time.  While here, we teach life skills, community involvement , job training, conflict resolution and countless other skills that give our girls the best start in life possible.  

May 2013

What a blessing to watch our intern graduate to join our team full time!


North Georgia Angel House Inc

We have opened the only Art Gallery in the country to allow foster youth to display and sell their art while learning job skills.  We plant seeds today for the future of tomorrow!  Join us!

Our Mission