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A Year in Summary

As we get ready to wind down 2013 lots of events during the year come to mind.
We had a beautiful wedding for one of our girls.
Eight of our girls became a mother for the first time.
Two of our girls became a mother for the second time.
Our pool was filled in giving us a more practical space with a fire pit and outdoor area to look at the stars and watch a movie outdoors.
Many home improvements were made such as adding chair railing to the rooms, painting inside, deck repairs and countless other improvements.

Kids In A Candy Store.

When the economy crashed, many of our girls found themselves competing with college degrees and candidates with lots of experience.  While good healthy competition can be "good for the soul" our girls need a job in order to remain in care after the age of 18.  What's more, we didn't want our girls to rely on fast food as a career path.  After some brainstorming, we opted for a business on site where our girls could express their creativity and do something good for the community at the same time.
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A Year in Summary
Kids In A Candy Store.


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