North Georgia Angel House Inc. - Giving Girls Roots.  Giving Girls Wings.
How You Can Help?
Recognizing that people give in many different ways, we hope that you will consider our agency for a tax-free donation or a charity of choice when putting together a fundraiser. If funds are something you are not able to offer, would you consider donating some time to tutor, teach, mentor, repair or transport a child?
There’s many items that are always needed in our home such as toiletries, school supplies, gift cards for rewards, stationary, art supplies, cosmetics, new or gently worn girls clothing, educational supplies, motivational supplies, and child friendly art.
We have a multitude of projects going on each week and would love to have you visit, participate or just stop in and meet us.
Check our site regularly for specific needs that we may have such as furniture, back to school or summer activities.
If you enjoy buying or selling on E-bay, we're an approved charity through "Mission Fish."  Find us under North Georgia Angel House Inc. in Canton.  Your spare change earned through these purchases can really "change" a life here.  If you need help setting up your account, give us a call.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible. 
 While we appreicate efforts to find resources in the community for us, a form is necessary to solicit funds or materials on our behalf.  Please contact us at 770-479-9555  attention Susan Worsley if you would like to organize such an event.