North Georgia Angel House Inc. - Giving Girls Roots.  Giving Girls Wings.
I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one.
~ Mark Twain …
Opportunity is something that the "Friends of Angel House" takes pride in. Girls living in our home have many possibilities that children in the community forfeit.  By having our network of friends, resources and relationships that come together, the best case scenario is created.   
When one of our students learned that she was .5 of a credit shy of graduation and needed to shove one semester into one week, we called our "Friends of the Angel House."  In a single afternoon this group organized, shopped and supervised the production of over a dozen meals in an effort to help.  Priscilla Meade, Carroll Jobin and Glenda Owens quickly sprung into action to help our student succeed.  Without our "Friends" one of our girls would not be graduating in May.  
One of our girls recently left care and had few resources to depend upon.   When she called us to say she was getting married in a week, the "Friends of Angel House" gathered resources to help plan her wedding.  Thanks to our "Friends" one of our girls will have the opportunity to have a dress, flowers, service and photographs that otherwise she would have not had.  
With three of our girls "aging out of care" in the next few weeks, the "Friends of Angel House" decided to "pick up the pace" to give them somewhere to live.  The Independent Living Home is available to girls between the ages of 18-21 who are aging out of care.
During the Holiday Season the girls are able to bring friends and family members to share in a sit down dinner to spend some quality time together.  Many of these family members would otherwise not have a hot meal and would not have the opportunity to share the holiday with their loved ones.
If you'd like to be a part of making a difference, consider joining us!